Horse Boarding and Boarder Services


      We care for your horse as if it were our own. We do the little extras: blanketing when below 35 degrees; placing supplements* in daily feeds; worming based on vet recommendations; Equimin (a free choice salt and mineral supplement); make appointments and hold your horse for the blacksmith, vet, equine dentist and we pay the bill allowing you to reimburse us within the week. The amount you owe is put on your locker clip. Unfortunately, we must close grass pastures during the winter months so we can use them to their best advantage. We wish we had sufficient pasture for the horses to be out on green grass daily, but that is not a reality for us. We more than balance this shortcoming with the top quality hay & Southern States premium Legends feed as well as the superior care, cleanliness and many other amenities of our facility. All stalls are matted, have skylights and windows. 

Above All We Foster A Positive, Concerned, Atmosphere For You and Your Horse!

Turn-Out:  New horses will be introduced to the herd a few horses at a time in order to make friends before being a part of a large group. To the best of our ability, geldings and mares are separated in turn-out. June-Sept., the horses come in between 8:00-8:30 AM to be fed. Afternoon feeds are between 3:00-3:30 PM. Horses are turned out in lush pastures for 1/2-2 hours daily while grass pastures are plentiful. They are then turned out of the night into their assigned dirt fields until the morning. Oct-May, the horses are fed between 8:30-9:00 AM and turned out into their dirt fields with heated water troughs. They come in to be fed between 3:30-4:00 PM.


Ring Use: Lessons always have first privilege of ring use. Boarders are welcome to use whichever ring (indoor or outdoor) is not in use forlessons. A lesson schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the aisle for boarders to know when lessons are scheduled. Both rings will never be in use by lesson students at the same time.

Working Student Board:

This includes the same services as full board  in exchange for doing scheduled shift work in the barn.

Boarder Services:
Full care board$500.00
Grooming(curry, brush, pick hooves comb mane/tail)$10.00
Pulling Mane(typically monthly)$12.00
Clipping(whiskers, fetlocks, throat, bridle path)$5.00
Clipping ears$5.00
Pulling Mane & Clipping$15.00
Body Clipping$125.00
Cleaning Sheath(typically 3 times a year)$30.00
Bathe(medicated-additional $5.00)$30.00
Daily changing of bandages on injuries$10.00
Laser and magnetic therapyVaries
Training session your horse(approx. 1 hr. of instructor time)$50.00
Non -Boarder Training session$60.00
Monthly training board(approx. 4-5 days/week)$950.00
 Non boarder training board $1090.00
No charge will be added for measuring supplements into feeds, however we will no longer add corn oil due to the mess it creates and there are other, better supplements on the market.
Lesson Discounts
Boarders-(On own horse)Regular
1/2 hour private lesson$40($45)
1 hour private lesson$80($90)
1/2 semi-private$40($45)
1 hour group$35($40)
Each boarder must take at least one lesson per week for each horse boarded and must show their horse with us in at least one show series.

If we are able to use your horse in our lesson program up to 25hrs/month you will receive 1 group lesson per week free!

Boarders are asked to keep their horses clipped and manes pulled. Let us know if you would like us to perform this services when we do our own horses during the first week of every month.

Show Services
Transportation & coaching at showsRegular
(if you share your horse)$70($90)
One day show with no show prep$90($110)
*Transportation & coaching at shows$120($140)
Trainer show rides(per Class)$15($20)
Trainer riding day before show$40($45)
Braiding of mane$35
Braiding of tail$30
Show Prep$50

*Over 15 miles-$1 each mile traveled


**Coaching prices are subject to change for rated shows and shows with fewer than six Loftmar participants.


**If Loftmar Stables are showing as well you must pay a coaching fee (if less than 6 riders/horses, then coaching is split at $250 per day.)