Horse Shows and Showing  

           All students, from leadline to advanced, child and adult riders, may participate in our show program. This opportunity is completely optional and no pressure is placed on you to join this program. If you choose not to show, we would love to see you come to the shows to learn and cheer on your fellow riders. Horse shows are a lot of fun, a great learning experience, a goal towork toward, and a lot of hard work. Space may be limited. Please remember, that once you have signed your name on the list you are committed for the fees. Please ask for a show prep package which discusses riding attire, show fees and costs, responsibilities, horse care, show etiquette, and trailering requirements.


Loftmar Stables Equitation Teams: 

National Capitol Equitation League (NCEL):  The "A" team which competes against the top riders in the Maryland-Virginia area, and the "B" team who are fine tuning their skills to move up and compete against these top riders.  National Capitol Short Stirrup Equitation League (NCSSEL). They are just starting their show careers.  We also have a Loftmar Stables team that competes in the National Capitol Adult Equestrian League (NCAEL) consisting of novice and intermediate adult riders who enjoy the social and low-key competitions that the  offers. All teams compete October-March and are held at various riding schools in Maryland and Virginia. We are very proud of our teams and the progress they have made. Loftmar Stable has won many NCEL  championships including the high point rider awards.   Please visit us on Facbook.  In 2000, we have started  and have coached the Archbishop Spading Equestrian Team which participates in the MD Inter-School Series.  For many years since we have joined the series we have been champions.  The Archbishop Spalding Equestrian Team is known as the team to beat.  There are now over 50 teams in the league.  Check out the Archbishop Spalding team's Facbook page.

Maryland Horse Shows Associations, Inc. (MHSA):  MHSA offers shows rated "A", "B" and "C". The shows are held at many different approved facilities throughout Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Some shows offer both rated and non-rated classes. Rated classes are for the more serious riders interested in hunter, jumper, and medal classes. MHSA offers riders the chance to compete at higher levels and travel to well known riding facilities. Top riders and horses are recognized by year end awards and trophies at the annual banquet.  


Maryland Saddle Association (MSA)MSA  shows are held at the Prince George's Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro.  Classes are held in English and western styles of riding. We are proud that our riders and mounts consistently win division and year-end championships. Local year-end banquets are held where top riders are awarded ribbons and trophies. 


Loftmar's In-House Show: We hold an annual show for our students and parents at the end of the summer. This is a low-key event and provides an opportunity for you to spend time with, other members of theLoftmar Stables Family. Many  non-riding parents participate in our "Older But Bolder" division. Every student has the chance to compete in several classes. Ribbons are awarded in each class. Top eight riders are recognized with neck ribbon at a ceremony at tile end of the show.