Links to other Internet Equestrian Resources


     Our objective is to provide as many free resources as possible to equestrians everywhere.  Links are selected on the basis of content meeting that criteria.  Web sites with an emphasis on free information with minimal commercial content are preferred. If you find a bad link or know of a good site, please contact us.

  1. American Assoc. for Horsemanship Safety - information on safety, liability by state.

  2. Mid America Horse Shows Association

  3. Americans for Medical Progress - what do HSUS & PETA DO with all that money?

  4. American Riding Instructors Association

  5. Anvil Magazine - for blacksmiths, farriers and everyone who uses them.

  6. Appaloosas - from The Appaloosa Horse Club.

  7. Arabians - from Arabian Horse Interactive. Lots of interesting articles.

  8. Charlotte's Saddlery - online tack, fun stuff and lots of information.

  9. The Chronicle of the Horse

  10. Cowboy Mall - Western products, services, events, organizations and links.

  11. Days End Horse Farm Rescue

  12. Dominion Saddlery

  13. Donkeys and Mules - from the American Donkey and Mule Society.

  14. Dressage - from The United States Dressage Federation.

  15. Driving in Color - Carriage driving and Paint horse information and resources.  

  16. Endurance Rider's Home Page - a comprehensive resource.

  17. English & Western Horse Tack

  18. Equilibrium Horse Center

  19. The Equine Marketer

  20. Eventing - from U.S. Event Horse. Great resource for eventers.

  21. Eyler Stables (Horse and Tack Auction)

  22. Farnam Companies - Horse products, humorous horse photo contest, much more.

  23. Farrier & Hoofcare Resource Center - is very informative.

  24. Florida Horse.Com

  25. Fossil Horses in Cyberspace - great new site from the Florida Museum of Natural History.

  26. Greenwell Therapeutic Riding Program - offers year round services and facilities for all those who are interested in the horse as a means of therapy, education, recreation, and sport.

  27. Hanovarians - from the Hanovarian Home Page.

  28. Horse Breeds - from Akhal Teke to Zhemaichu: information and pictures.

  29. Horse Genetics - gene mapping and horse typing information.

  30. Horse Graphics & Equestrian Clip Art Images from Virtual Horse Graphics

  31. Horse Interactive - your online guide to equine health care.

  32. The Horse of Delaware Valley

  33. Horsefun - great site for kids; information, games, puzzles and more.

  34. Horse Talk Magazine

  35. International Museum of the Horse Our history was written on his back.

  36. Irish Horses - very informative; from Ireland of course!

  37. KBR Horse Page - nice site from CA with something for everyone.

  38. Laminitis & Founder - and more about hooves from The Laminitis Page.

  39. Lipizzans - from The Lipizzan Association of North America.

  40. L.L. Bean - search for parks with horse trails, warm riding clothing.

  41. The Loft at Meadowbrook  

  42. Maryland Horse Shows Association

    Maryland Saddle Association

  43. Mega Horse Site List - with more than 400 links

  44. Military Stables - Riding clubs, horse stables, and other equestrian programs for members of the military   and their families.

  45. Miniature Horses - from the American Miniature Horse Association.

  46. Morabs - features history, breeders, shows, clubs, etc.

  47. MyHorse.Com 

  48. National Sporting Library - research center for horse and field sports.

  49. NetVet - veterinary pages with lots of information and links.

  50. North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) - promotes rehabilitation through equine-facilitated activities.  

  51. Paints - from the American Paint Horse Association.

  52. Prince George Equestrian Center

  53. Quarter Horses - from the American Quarter Horse Association.

  54. Saddlery Liquidators

  55. Shetland Ponies - from The American Shetland Pony Club.

  56. Sidesaddle Riding - from The World Sidesaddle Federation, Inc.  

  57. Southern Maryland Horse Association, Inc.

  58. Standardbred Information - from the U.S. Trotting Association.

  59. Three Day Eventing - from U.S. Event Horse.

  60. United States Equestrian Team - Olympic Selection Trials and more.

  61. U.S. Polo Association  

  62. Virginia Horse Shows Association, Inc.

  63. Yahoo! - Recreation: Sports: Equestrian